Walter Johnson
General Manager
703-522-6000 x13100

Walter has worked in the automotive industry since 1993 and started with Koons in July 2007. He has held positions as a Sales Representative, Sales Manager, and General Manager. Walter is a graduate of NADA dealer academy. He loves the car business! 
Walter and his wife Luz have three boys: Chase, William and Andrew. The boys keep the family busy playing baseball and football.

Ryann Park
703-522-6000 x13600

Ryan has been in the automotive industry since 2005 when she started as a receptionist at Koons Sterling Ford. She became office manager of Koons Ford Falls Church in 2017 and moved to Koons Arlington Toyota in May of 2021 as the Controller. 

Allen Ramezan
Pre-Owned Sales Director
703-522-6000 x13127

Allen speaks Farsi and Turkish fluently.

Warren Jacobs
Service Director
703-522-6000 x13200

Warren has over 20 years experience as a Service Manager and is a Toyota Certified Service Manager. He has taken countless training courses that are focused on Service management at a dealership level and technical courses that aid in the understanding of the operation and repair of the Toyota vehicle line. He loves working at Koons Arlington Toyota because of the team. Our team members are the best of the best!

Chetan Chavan
Finance Director
703-522-6000 x13500

Chetan started working for Koons in July 2009. He worked as a Toyota Certified Sales Consultant in the New Cars department for two years. In August 2011, he moved into the Finance department and started working as a Finance Manager. Chetan previously worked for a non-profit religious organization for 15 year that enabled him to travel internationally. So, he is experienced in working with people from diverse backgrounds. Chetan is a very friendly and fun-loving guy who loves making friends and interacting with people. Chetan enjoys helping customers with their needs and concerns giving them a pleasant shopping experience. His philosophy is that buying a car should be a fun experience. What he likes most about his job is watching a customer leave the dealership driving their new car after having that fun experience. In his free time, he likes reading, gardening, biking, and exploring the great city of Washington D.C. He is experienced in international cuisines and loves exploring new recipes. Chetan is fluent in Hindi.

Ashley Sanchez Iraheta
Customer Relations Manager
703-522-6000 x13126

Ashley began as a cashier in August 2021. She was promoted to Customer Relations Manager shortly after. She is currently studying to be a dental hygienist.

William Kettner
Maintenance Manager

William began working for Koons in March 1992.



Ray Mukhutdinov
Sales Manager
703-522-6000 x13102

Rail began working for Koons in May 2014. He speaks fluent Russian.

Ali Kashani
Sales Manager
703-522-6000 x13101

Ali began working for Koons in July 2019.

Jason Baker
Sales Manager
703-522-6000 x13103

Jason began working for Koons in November 2022.

Steve Jaeger
Internet Sales Manager
703-522-6000 x13123

Steve first started working in the automotive business in January 2013. He joined Koons in March 2014. Steve enjoys working at Koons because he enjoys the congenial atmosphere. He also enjoys the short commute. While away from work, Steve enjoys cooking (he is a former chef), writing for several blogs and attending Washington Nationals games. He can also be reached on 13139 on Thursdays where he works at our Pre-Owned Sales location.

David Enciso
Internet Sales Manager
703-522-6000 x13124

David started in the automotive industry at Koons in 2007. He speaks fluent Spanish!

Saeed Wehelie
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x13120

Saeed is new to the automotive industry and started working at Koons Arlington Toyota in April 2017. Prior to joining Koons, Saeed worked in the retail fashion Industry. Saeed likes meeting new people and is an animal lover. In his spare time he enjoys being active, watching TV, playing videogames, reading, and spending time with his two pets Toby a cockatiel and Sparkle a teacup poodle.

Juan Carlos Hernandez
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x13112

Originally, from Caracas Venezuela, Juan Carlos Jr. is a fluent Spanish speaker. He is also is a lawyer with TWO Master's degrees (graduated in his country)! Juan Carlos loves sports, especially basketball. Another thing he loves in addition to his wife and son is the sea!

Eustacio “Tache” De La Roche
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x13105

Tache is originally from Barranquilla, Colombia and fluently speaks Spanish. He started the car business in 1992 and started with Koons in April 2004. During his time in the auto industry, Tache has earned the Century Ford History and the Leaders and Legends award. Tache is happily married to his wife, Lucia.

Robert Inzitari
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x13111

Hello! Robert Inzitari has sold Toyotas for 8 years and he began working for Koons in November 2019. Spanish is his second language. He remembers years ago that the features Toyota had as "Standard" were only available on fully loaded vehicles, or only available in high-end cars like Lexus, Volvo, and Mercedes. Robert has seen a lot of changes made to the vehicles and it is astonishing how much effort Toyota puts into making Toyota's one of the safest and dependable brands available. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Alex Hobson
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x13115

Alex began working for Koons in July 2020. He is a sales professional of a higher trim. Dedicated to his customers and committed to top-of-the-line service. He will impress you with his effort and care. He never stops trying to exceed customer expectations.      

Dave Rothschild
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x13122

Dave began working for Koons in November 2020 and was new to the car industry. Prior to his career with Koons, he was a professional tennis coach for 20+  years. Dave is also a passionate film photographer and has some of his work featured in local galleries and has even published a small book. His work is also featured on several different album covers and novel covers. In his free time, if he's not working on his photography, Dave enjoys working out, watching sports, and occasionally writing music. He prides himself on his customer service.

Milad Hajebi
703-522-6000 x13113

Milad began working for Koons in March 2021. In no time he became the salesperson of the month multiple times. He has a Bachelor's in Business. He is a poeple-oriented person and always puts customers first. He has a perfect customer satisfaction record because of his enthusiasm. 

He moved to the U.S. three years ago, prior to that point he was the CEO of his own company in Iran.
He speaks fluent Farsi (Persian). 

Daniel Calkins
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x13121

Daniel began working for Koons in September 2021.

Rachid Laraki
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x13107

Rachid began working for Koons in November 2022.


Pre-Owned Sales

Andrey Tkachenko
Sales Manager
703-522-6000 x13128

Andrey started working at Koons in August 2017-- Born December 13, 1995, in Ukraine. He moved to the USA when he was 19. At the end of March 2017, 21-year-old Andrii began his career in the auto business at a small Jeep dealership. In only his second month in Sales, he sold 18 units!  In late 2019, Andrey was promoted to his current Sales Manager position. He soon moved to the DC area and on October 2nd of 2017, started working with our Koons organization. Upon his third month with Koons Arlington Toyota, he became Salesperson of the month. In addition, he was crowned New Car salesperson of the year in 2018! Outside of work, he likes traveling, motorcycles and combat sports.

Leo Mendoza
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x13132

David King
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x13135

David started working for Koons in November 2018.

Paul DiBerardino
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x13129

Paul entered the automotive business in 1989 and has been with Koons since August 2011. He enjoys the friendly environment and great staff at Koons Arlington. He most enjoys playing golf and hanging out with friends when he is not at work.

Jeff Manderville
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x13131

Jeff began working for Koons in August 2019.

Carlton "Bubba" Ray
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x13138

Carlton Otus Ray A.K.A. "Bubba Ray" began his career here at Koons Toyota Arlington on March 5, 2020, just prior to the global pandemic. He considers himself extremely fortunate to start this new career as the nation was coming to a standstill. He feels he was destined to be in car sales with his huge personality and caring customer service attitude and approach. Most of his adult life he's been an educator, starting with being a former high school teacher, to a software trainer/manager, to a licensed Life Insurance/Annuity Consultant. Those careers have prepared him for the exciting world of car sales. On the personal side, he is a HUGE Washington DC Sports fan and a life long Washington Redskins or Washington Football team fan (depending on your point of view) for 49 years as a season ticket holder. He's also an avid bowler with 3 perfect games. Carlton also dabbles in the acting and public speaking communities and has won numerous awards in the local community theatre scene. He loves communicating with the public and has a passion for delivering great customer service. He has a great sense of humor and will never miss an opportunity for delivering a joke or a very bad pun. 

Edward Justice
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x13130

Edward began working for Koons in March 2021.

Kyle Delaney
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x13134

Kyle began working for Koons in December 2021.

Ponch Acuna
Product Specialist

Ponch began working for Koons in July 2022.

Taha Gerafar
Product Specialist

Taha began working for Koons on May 11, 2022 and transferred to Koons Used Cars in November 2022.

Julio Herrera Herrera
Product Specialist

Julio began working for Koons in January 2023.



Alex Adil Belhadi
Finance Manager
703-522-6000 x13504

Alex has been with Koons since March 1997. Alex says the best thing about Koons are the people and the product. Alex has worked as a Used Car Sales Representative and as an Finance and Insurance Manager at the Koons Tysons Chevy. Alex sold 31.5 used cars in March 2001! Alex and his wife love to travel, workout, and watch movies. Some of their favorite travel destinations include Atlantis and Morocco. Alex is fluent in Arabic and French.

Ermek Anarbek
Finance Manager
703-522-6000 x13502

Ermek started in the automotive industry and at Koons in June 2011. He has a passion to sell cars because he loves driving. He is eager to guide you through your next new car purchase process.

Ermek fluently speaks Russian and Kyrgyz.

Oleg Tibulschii
Finance Manager
703-522-6000 x13501

Oleg began working for Koons in 2012 as a New Car Sales Consultant. In June 2014, Oleg was promoted to our Finance Department. When Oleg is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family.

Gian Matamoros
Finance Manager
703-522-6000 x13503

Gian began working for Koons Arlington in August 2021.



Jason Wright
Shop Foreman
703-522-6000 x13201

Jason has been with Koons since February 1999.

Christian Lobo
Service Manager
703-522-6000 x13208

Christian started working as a service advisor on September 2016 and became a service manager in August 2022.

Jay Kim
Service Manager
703-522-6000 x13209

Jay has been in the automotive industry for 20 years. He loves being a service advisor. He also adores animals, sports, and food.

Oscar Canales
Service Advisor
703-522-6000 x13210

Oscar Canales has been in the automotive business since 2005. He is very loyal and knowlegeble. Koons Arlington Toyota is the first and only dealership he has been working with. He loves working with Koons because people are friendly. He loves assisting customers to find the right cars. He loves seeing customers driving out happily. He loves cooking and going out to explore restaurants. 

Oscar also speaks Spanish fluently.

Adam Badr Abaichi
(703) 522-6000 x13212

Badr started working for Koons in February 2019.

Christian Gudiel
Service Advisor
(703) 522-6000 x13211

Christian started working for Koons in October 2016 and was promoted from service technician to Service Advisor in December 2020. He enjoys working on cars, even outside of work. Christian also speaks Spanish.

Mario Sandoval
Service Advisor
(703) 522-6000 x13213

Mario joined our team as a service technician in June 2014. He was promoted to Toyota Care advisor in July 2020 and moved up to Service Advisor in February 2022. 

David Garcia Medina
Toyota Care Advisor
(703) 522-6000 x13206

David started working for Koons in December 2018. He started as a technician and now is our Express service advisor. He also loves cycling and soccer. 



Savaughn Adams
Parts Sales Manager
(703) 522-6000 x13300

Savaughn is very knowledgeable and efficient in his everyday parts duties. He takes pride in helping provide everyone with their Certified parts needs!

Brayan Bryson
Parts Sales Associate
(703) 522-6000 x13303

Brayan started working for Koons in August 2015.

Diego Rosero-Monge
Parts Sales Associate
(703) 522-6000 x13302

Diego started working for Koons in February 2019.

Gordon Jones
Wholesale Parts
703-522-6000 x13305

Gordon began working for Koons in July 2020.

Kevin Calderon Tirado
Parts Associate
703-522-6000 x13300

Kevin began working for Koons in February 2022.

Michael Romero
Parts Associate

Michael began working for Koons in February 2020.



Shawn Jewell
Accounts Receivable & Payable
703-522-6000 x13602

Shawn has been with Koons since July 2015.

Paola Rocha
Deal Auditor
703-522-6000 x13603

Paola began working for Koons as a Tag Clerk in April 2021 and was promoted to Deal Auditor in May of 2022.

Shalena McElveen
DC/Out Of State Title Clerk
703-522-6000 x13605

Shalena began working for Koons in September 2021.

Patricia "Pat" James
VA/MD Tag & Title Clerk
703-522-6000 x13601

Chelsea Johnson
703-522-6000 x13606

Chelsea began working for Koons in July 2018 as a cashier and quickly advanced to Customer Relations in March of the following year. Now, Chelsea moved to HR/Payroll. She's a Maryland native wh enjoys her hour and a half (or more) commute every morning!

Rose Bamezon Toulan

Rose began working for Koons in January 2021 as a cashier and moved to accounting in July 2022.



Son Phan
Service Technician

Son Phan is Toyota Certified Technician at Koons Arlington Toyota. Son also speaks Vietnamese.

Thanh Tran
Service Technician

Thanh Tran is Toyota Certified Technician at Koons Arlington Toyota. Thanh Tran is fluent in Vietnamese.

Matthew Yang
Service Technician

Matthew Yang is Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician at Koons Arlington Toyota. Matthew is fluent in Chinese.

Mustapha Zinddine
Service Technician

Mustapha is Toyota certified technician at Koons Arlington Toyota. He has worked for Koons since 2004. Mustapha speaks Arabic fluently.

Todd Johnson
Service Technician

Todd Johnson is Toyota Certified Expert Technician at Koons Arlington Toyota.

Walter Flores
Service Technician

Walter Flores is Toyota Certified Technician at Service Department. Walter also speaks Spanish.

Omer Abdelrahman
Service Technician
(703) 522-6000

Omer started working for Koons in September 2015.

Adnan Qamar
Service Technician
(703) 522-6000

Adnan started working for Koons in September 2014.

Talal Abdul Khalek
Service Technician
(703) 522-6000

Talal started working for Koons in March 2015.

Christopher Derkowski
Service Technician
(703) 522-6000

Christopher started working for Koons in March 2016.

John Sanchez Iraheta
Service Technician
(703) 522-6000

John started working for Koons in July 2019.

Jensen Jaouhari
Service Technician

Jensen began working for Koons in September 2020.

Antonio Shelton
Service Technician

Antonio began working for Koons in 2020.

Daniel Vigil
Service Tecnician

Daniel began working for Koons in May 2021 as a Valet driver and became a technician in January 2022.

Jose Serrano Amaya
Service Technician
(703) 522-6000

Jose started working for Koons in December 2018.

Ricky Ferrufino
Service Technician

Enrique began working for Koons in September 2020.

Duero Turner Jr.
Service Technician

Duero began working for Koons in February 2021.

Daniel Hernandez
Service Technician

Daniel began working for Koons in October 2021.

Alex Ochoa
Service Technician

Alex began working for Koons in March 2021.

Armando Rivas
Service Technician
(703) 522-6000

Armando started working for Koons in July 2021.

Abdel Abdelmamoun
Service Technician

Abdel began working for Koons in September 2021.

Jose Hernandez Salmanca
Service Technician

Jose began working for Koons in February 2022.

Will Sanger
Service Technician

Will began working for Koons in September 2021.

Denny Gamez-Coreas
Service Technician

Denny began working for Koons in February 2022.

Sergi Serrano Perez

Sergi began working for Koons in April 2022.

Saren Phon
Quick Lube Technician

Saren began working for Koons in June 2022.

Kevin Maldonado Flores
Quick Lube Technician

Kevin began working for Koons in 2022.

Misael Campos
Quick Lube Technician

Misael began working for Koons in January 2023.


Support Staff

Yojans Perez-Ramirez
Inventory Manager
703-522-6000 x13104

Yojans started working at Koons as a porter for our Dealer Exchange Department. He was promoted to Inventory Manager in August 2014. Yojans loves soccer. He also speaks Spanish fluently

Shauna Batts
703-522-6200 x13204

I started with Koons Arlington Toyota in August 2006. I have 2 daughters Shante and ReShawn and 3 Grandchildren Darrell Jr, Tamara, and Logan. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, and movies.

Alondra Martinez Medina
Concierge Coordinator
703-522-6000 x13106

Alondra began working for Koons in December 2020 and was promoted to Concierge Coordinator in January of 2023.

Alejandra Goitia
Administrative Assistant
703-522-6000 x13116

Alejandra (Alex) began working for Koons in August 2021.

Kiara Ellis
703-522-6000 x13203/13204

Kiara began working for Koons in September 2022.

Brianna Johansen
703-522-6000 x13203/13204

Brianna began working for Koons in September 2022.



Errol Roberts
Pre-Owned Porter

Errol began working for Koons in June 2000.

Osei Bonsu

Osei Bonsu joined Koons Arlington Toyota since 2006. Osei is a friendly porter working for Service Department. He loves working environment at Koons. During free time, he likes spending time with family and friends.

Carlos Palma

Carlos Palma joined Koons Arlington Toyota since 2012. Carlos also speaks fluent Spanish.

Yahia Mohamed
Service Porter
(703) 522-6000

Yahia started working for Koons in October 2017.

Shelton Taylor
Service Porter

Shelton began working for Koons in October 2020.

Oluwasegun Awosugba
Service Porter

Oluwasegun began working for Koons in January 2021.

William Gomez
New Car Sales Porter

William began working for Koons in January 2020.

Viktar Karalveich
Service Porter

Viktar began working for Koons in December 2021.

Hieu Lo
Service Porter
(703) 522-6000 x13118

Hieu began working for Koons in May 2012.

Tuan Lam
Service Porter
(703) 522-6000 x13118

Tuan started working for Koons in December 2017.

Misha Stoev
Service Porter
703-522-6000 x13118

Misha began working for Koons in November 2021.

Daniel Suttles
Service Porter
703-522-6000 x13118

Daniel began working for Koons in 2021.

Mohammed Mohamed Ali
Service Porter
703-522-6000 x13118

Mohammed began working for Koons in January 2022.

Luis Concha
Used Car Porter

Luis began working for Koons in April 2022.

Rasheed Awad
Used Car Porter

Rasheed began working for Koons in August 2022.