Interested in purchasing a new hybrid vehicle but want to get an overview before making the jump? We've got you covered. We'll cover a host of pros and a handful of cons, to help you decide whether you're interested in a new Toyota hybrid. You're not just limited to a handful of small compact hybrids anymore, either. Drivers can now enjoy a robust selection of new Toyota hybrid models that range from spacious SUVs and sedans to classic compact cars. There's pretty much a Toyota hybrid suited for every driving need now, even a van. From family transport vehicles to personal commuter, the Toyota vehicle lineup likely has a new hybrid suited to your needs.


SUV Versatility meets hybrid Efficiency

Toyota hybrids are a new breed of vehicle that manage to mesh power and efficiency with ease. If you're under the impression that most hybrids offer up mediocre power, think again. The Toyota hybrid lineup boasts a host of seriously powerful vehicles that are, in some cases, even more powerful than some available gas engines. For instance, the new Toyota Venza offers drivers a sporty SUV that manages plenty of efficiency and power. The Toyota Venza comes equipped with a standard hybrid powertrain that makes 219 horsepower. What about bump dirt roads? The Venza also comes outfitted with standard all-wheel drive. You might be thinking think the Venza sacrifices power for efficiency, but that's not the case. The Venza offers up 40/37 city/highway miles per gallon. What about a three-row hybrid SUV, you ask? Fret not, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid is a potential option. The Highlander offers up seating for up to eight passengers and manages quality fuel economy, too. The Highlander Hybrid boasts 36/35 city/highway miles per gallon and touts 243 (combined) horsepower. Robust Hybrid Model Options

Our inventory of hybrids provides drivers with more than a few options. Indeed, drivers can look forward to four SUV hybrid model options, a single hybrid van option, and five car hybrid options; bringing the grand total to ten Toyota hybrid options. Toyota car hybrids include the Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Corolla Hybrid, the Toyota Prius, the Toyota Prius Prime, and the Toyota Avalon. The sole van hybrid is the Toyota Sienna while SUV hybrids include the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, the RAV4 Hybrid, the RAv4 Prime (plug-in hybrid), and the Toyota Venza (standard hybrid).


Erm, there's not a whole lot that we can say for cons. If you're annoyed at having to recharge plug-in hybrids, then opting for a standard hybrid easily solves the problem. If you're concerned that a hybrid costs more than a gas version, you'll likely be surprised to hear that many hybrid models are actually cheaper than their gas counterpart. It boils down to being able to get the same vehicle, at a lower price, that's actually even more efficient than the gas version. The downside? At some point you'll have to replace your hybrid battery, but that's an easy fix. Unless you're in the market for a dedicated off-road vehicle, you have hybrid options.

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