2018 Toyota Prius

Unexpected Surprises from the 2018 Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius has become notorious for being one of the most popular hybrid vehicles that you will find, but there are some aspects of it that you might not know. At Koons Arlington Toyota, we are able to answer all of your questions, leaving you with a sense of confidence because you know everything that your vehicle is capable of.

The first thing you might not know is that the 2018 Toyota Prius is designed to give one of the smoothest rides that you will find. You can expect responsive steering and less unexpected bouncing because of the double-wishbone style multi-link rear suspension, and the rigid body design helps maximize the performance of the brakes and the handling.

2018 Toyota Prius Trim Levels and Starting MSRP
  • Prius One: $23,475
  • Prius Two: $24,685
  • Prius Two Eco: $25,165
  • Prius Three: $26,735
  • Prius Three Touring: $28,115
  • Prius Four: $29,685
  • Prius Four Touring: $30,565


Another surprise is the innovative technology that is included. While much of the technology is on the interior, a notable feature is the available Intelligent Clearance Sonar (ICS) to send out an alert, reduce power from the engine, and automatically brake when you are getting too close to another stationary object. You can also opt for the Intelligent Parking Assist (IPA) that will automatically steer you into an open parking space.

When you come to our dealership, we can help you figure out everything that you could need to know about the 2018 Toyota Prius. Taking one for a test drive will reveal more of the lesser known features and capabilities that we are sure you will love. We encourage you to visit us soon so that we can get you on your way towards a new vehicle.

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