Meet Our Staff


Walter Johnson
General Manager
703-522-6000 x1104

Walter has worked in the automotive industry for since 1993 years and started with Koons in July 2007. He has held positions as a Sales Representative, Sales Manager, and General Manager. Walter is a graduate of NADA dealer academy. He loves the car business! 
Walter and his wife Luz have three boys: Chase, William and Andrew. The boys keep the family busy playing baseball and football.

Chris Kronzer
General Sales Manager
703-522-6000 x1128

Working with our guests and my staff is what I like most about my position at Koons Arlington Toyota. Meeting many different types of people as we help them to get happily involved with our products and services. Our staff is like family. I am constantly challenging the sales staff to be the best they can be. We want them to deliver an exceptional experience to every client they touch. When away from the dealership it is all about family. With a wife and four kids there is always something to do. There are a variety of sports and activities to keep us very busy. The opportunity at Koons allows me the flexibility to offer them a safe and wonderful environment to grow and learn.

Brianna Kelley
Human Resources
703-522-6000 x1122

Henry Garcia
Pre-Owned Manager
703-522-6000 x1403

Henry has worked for Koons since August 2004. He speaks Spanish fluently.

Cathleen Brashear
703-522-6000 x1600

Cathy joined entered the car business and joined Koons in 1989. She likes working with the people she has worked with over the years here at Koons. She tells us there is always room to grow within the organization. Cathy enjoys spending time with her two daughters, going to watch basketball and staying busy.

William Kettner
Maintenance Manager

William began working for Koons in March 1992.

Chetan Chavan
Finance Director
703-522-6000 x1111

Chetan started working for Koons in July 2009. He worked as a Toyota Certified Sales Consultant in the New Cars department for two years. In August 2011, he moved into the Finance department and started working as a Finance Manager. Chetan previously worked for a non-profit religious organization for 15 year that enabled him to travel internationally. So, he is experienced in working with people from diverse backgrounds. Chetan is a very friendly and fun-loving guy who loves making friends and interacting with people. Chetan enjoys helping customers with their needs and concerns giving them a pleasant shopping experience. His philosophy is that buying a car should be a fun experience. What he likes most about his job is watching a customer leave the dealership driving their new car after having that fun experience. In his free time, he likes reading, gardening, biking, and exploring the great city of Washington D.C. He is experienced in international cuisines and loves exploring new recipes. Chetan is fluent in Hindi.

Janira Hernandez-Zelaya
Customer Relations Manager
(703) 522-6000 x1107

Janira began working as a Service Cashier at Koons in April 2015. In June 2016, she became the Customer Relations Manager. She speaks fluent Spanish. On her spare time she likes to cook, spend quality time with her two daughters.


Pre-Owned Sales

Matthew Phifer
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 ext 1404

Antony Nunez
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 ext 1403

Antony is one of the product specialist here at Koons Arlington Toyota. Antony is consistently highly rated and referred by many customers due to his professionalism and product knowledge. Antony believes in building long term relationships with all his clients based on trust, integrity and hospitality.

Allen Ramezan
Pre-Owned Manager
703-522-6000 ext 1400

Allen speaks Farsi and Turkish fluently.



Oleg Tibulschii
Finance Manager
703-522-6000 ext 1112

Oleg began working for Koons in 2012 as a New Car Sales Consultant. In June 2014, Oleg was promoted to our Finance Department. When Oleg is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family.

Ermek Anarbek
Finance Manager
703-522-6000 x1110

Ermek started in the automotive industry and at Koons in June 2011. He has a passion to sell cars because he loves driving. He is eager to guide you through your next new car purchase process.

Ermek fluently speaks Russian and Kyrgyz.

Alex Adil Belhadi
Finance Manager
703-522-6000 x1406

Alex has been with Koons since March 1997. Alex says the best thing about Koons are the people and the product. Alex has worked as a Used Car Sales Representative and as an Finance and Insurance Manager at the Koons Tysons Chevy. Alex sold 31.5 used cars in March 2001! Prior to joining Koons, Alex held various positions in Catering, Food and Beverage, and Special Events. It was covering his cousins used car store that prompted the career change. Alex married his hairdresser in June 2001. It took him 1.5 years of asking her out before she said yes! Talk about follow up. Alex and his wife love to travel, workout, and watch movies. Some of their favorite travel destinations include Atlantis and Morocco. Alex is fluent in Arabic and French.



Christian Lobo
Service Advisor
703-522-6000 ext 1305

Christian started working as a service advisor on September of 2016

Mehedi Patwary
Service Advisor
703-522-6000 ext 1306

Mehedi Patwary is a technician. He joined Koons Arlington Toyota since May 2013. He loves Koons working environment. Everyone works hard and still stays friendly to one another. Beside work Mehedi attends school, spends time with family and joins a wrestling club team. Mehedi also speak Bangali.

Jamie Ramirez
703-522-6000 ext1927

Jaime has been working for Koons since September 2016. He is fluent in spanish

Cyntia Seda
Service Advisor
(703) 522-6000 ext 1410

Cyntia began working for Koons as the ToyotaCare Manager in June 2015.

Shauna Trice
703-522-6200 ext 2004

I started with Koons Arlington Toyota in August 2006. I have 2 daughters Shante and ReShawn and 3 Grandchildren Darrell Jr, Tamara, and Logan. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, and movies.

Jason Wright
Shop Foreman
703-522-6000 ext 1115

Jason has been with Koons since February 1999.

Jay Kim
Service Advisor
703-522-6000 x1302

Mariah Angelo
Service Advisor
703-522-6000 x1303

Oscar Canales
Asst Service Manager
703-522-6000 x1301

Oscar Canales has been in the automotive business since 2005. He is very loyal and knowlegeble. Koons Arlington Toyota is the first and only dealership he has been working with. He loves working with Koons because people are friendly. He loves assisting customers to find the right cars. He loves seeing customers driving out happily. He loves cooking and going out to explore restaurants. 

Oscar also speaks Spanish fluently.

Warren Jacobs
Service Director
703-522-6000 x1300

Warren started in the car business as a valet at the local dealership when he was in high school. He then went to the Goodyear Tire and Rubber company and became a tire changer. While he was there he started doing mechanical service at the same shop. He was promoted to Sales Person, then Service Manager then Assistant Store Manager then Store Manager. He then went back to the dealership as a Service advisor and later became Service Manager. The three things that he loves the most out of all of these jobs are 1. The team he works with 2. Making the client experience exceptional 3. The harder, and smarted, you work the greater the reward. When Warren is not working he is with his family doing his best to make every moment count.

Malik Jefferson
Service Advisor
703-522-6000 x1113

Malik has been working for Koons since June 2014.



Boris Martinez
Parts Sales Associate
(703) 522-6000 ext 1502

Boris started in the automotive business in 2007. He joined Koons in 2014. Boris speaks Spanish fluently.

Savaughn Adams
Parts Sales Associate
703-522-6000 x1501

Savaughn began working for Koons in April 2016.

Henrry Cuaical
Parts Sales Associate
703-522-6000 x1504

Henry Cuaical is our friendly representative working for Parts Department. Henry also speaks Spanish.

Wyatt Edwards
Parts Manager
703-522-6000 x1500

Wyatt began working in the automotive industry in 1998. He joined the Koons Family in 2009. Wyatt enjoys working for Koons because everyday is a new challenge. He also likes that he gets to meet new people. When Wyatt is not at work, he enjoys cooking, reading, painting, and playing sports.



Stephen Yuen
Service Technician
703-522-6000 ext 2004

Son Phan
Service Technician
703-522-6000 ext 2004

Son Phan is Toyota Certified Technician at Koons Arlington Toyota. Son also speaks Vietnamese.

Thanh Tran
Service Technician
703-522-6000 ext 2004

Thanh Tran is Toyota Certified Technician at Koons Arlington Toyota. Thanh Tran is fluent in Vietnamese.

Kenneth Ramirez
Service Technician
703-522-6000 ext 2004

Kenneth Ramirez is Toyota Certified Technician at Koons Arlington Toyota. Kenny joined Koons since 2012. He is fluent in Spanish.

Michael Rios
Service Technician
703-522-6000 ext 2004

Michael began working for Koons in June 2014.

Chanrith Saing
Service Technician
703-522-6000 ext 2004

Chanrith Saing is Toyota Certified Technician at Koons Arlington Toyota.

Matthew Yang
Service Technician
703-522-6000 ext 2004

Matthew Yang is Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician at Koons Arlington Toyota. Matthew is fluent in Chinese.

Mustapha Zinddine
Service Technician
703-522-6000 ext 2004

Mustapha is Toyota certified technician at Koons Arlington Toyota. He has worked for Koons since 2004. Mustapha speaks Arabic fluently.

Todd Johnson
Service Technician
703-522-6000 x2004

Todd Johnson is Toyota Certified Expert Technician at Koons Arlington Toyota.

Walter Flores
Service Technician
703-522-6000 x2004

Walter Flores is Toyota Certified Technician at Service Department. Walter also speaks Spanish.

Kamal Belkati
Service Technician
703-522-6000 x2004

Kamal joined Koons since 2012. Kamal is funny but hard working technician. Soccer is his favorite sport. Kamal also speaks Arabic fluently.

Yakson Diaz
Service Technician
703-522-6000 x2004

Yakson Diaz is our Toyota Certified Technician at Service Department. Yakson speaks fluent Spanish.



Errol Roberts
703-522-6000 ext 2006

Carlos Palma
703-522-6000 ext 2004

Carlos Palma joined Koons Arlington Toyota since 2012. Carlos also speaks fluent Spanish.

Osei Bonsu
703-522-6000 x2004

Osei Bonsu joined Koons Arlington Toyota since 2006. Osei is a friendly porter working for Service Department. He loves working environment at Koons. During free time, he likes spending time with family and friends.



Ray Mukhutdinov
Sales Manager
(703) 522-6000 ext 1106

Rail began working for Koons in May 2014. He speaks fluent Russian.

Max Thompson
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 ext 1259

Leo Mendoza
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 ext 1257

Kate Solongo Richardson
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 ext 1123

Andrey Tkachenko
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 ext 1211

Andrey started working at Koons in August 2017

Saeed Wehelie
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 ext 1259

Saeed is new to the automotive industry and started working at Koons Arlington Toyota in April 2017. Prior to joining Koons, Saeed worked in the retail fashion Industry. Saeed likes meeting new people and is an animal lover. In his spare time he enjoys being active, watching TV, playing videogames, reading, and spending time with his two pets Toby a cockatiel and Sparkle a teacup poodle.

Shant Yousif
Sales Manager
703-522-6000 ext 1105

Shant has been working for Koons since 2010 in our New Car Sales Department. When he is not at work, he enjoys listening to music and playing the drums. Shant enjoys working at Koons because his job allows him to meet different types of people. Shant can speak four languages.

Valentyn Levchunets
Product Specialist
(703) 522-6000 x1254

Valentyn began working for Koons in January 2016.

Ziyad Khateeb
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x1250

Zak started working for Koons in February 2017. He has worked in the automotive industry for 10 years both as a technician and sales consultant. He is a graduate from Nashville Automotive Diesel College in Nashville TN.

Jeffrey Korn
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x1251

Jeff is relatively new to the car business. He enjoys meeting new people and helping them find the car of their dreams. His first car was a family vehicle, a 1972 Mercury Country Squire Station Wagon, with the simulated wood paneling on the sides. Jeff is a former radio morning show personality from Florida. If you ask nicely, he will do impressions of celebrities like Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Clinton, and Jerry Seinfeld. In his spare time, he enjoys museum hopping, trivia nights at The Irish Pub, binge watching Netflix, and gorging on delicious DC cuisine with his fiancée.

Luis Alvarez
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x1415

Luis Alvarez joined Koons Arlington Toyota in September 2012. He loves the environment at Koons Arlington. He loves working with people and being able to drive different car models. During his free time, he likes to go fishing, dancing, reading, playing soccer and spending time with his father. Luis speaks Spanish fluently.

Ahmed Al Aebeda
Product Specialist

Ahmed has more then 5 years of sales and marketing experience. Wants to keep adding to his knowledge and experience now that he joined Koons Arlington Toyota

Paul DiBerardino
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x1414

Paul entered the automotive business in 1989 and has been with Koons since August 2011. He enjoys the friendly environment and great staff at Koons Arlington. He most enjoys playing golf and hanging out with friends when he is not at work.

Juan Carlos Hernandez
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x1257

Federico Cura
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x1258

Eustacio “Tache” DeLaRoche
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x1253

Tache is originally from Barranquilla, Colombia and fluently speaks Spanish. He started the car business in 1992 and started with Koons in April 2004. During his time in the auto industry, Tache has earned the Century Ford History and the Leaders and Legends award. Tache is happily married to his wife, Lucia.

Nicholas Brown
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x1214

Nicholas started working for Koons in December of 2017. He grew up in a military household which allowed him to live and travel all across the globe. He is a Alumni of the University of Central Florida where he majored in Hospitality Management. Hospitality is the key part of serving our guest in the automobile industry. When he is not working he spends time with his girlfriend and their two dogs. His Hobbies include camping, hiking, traveling, and music.

Daniel Chigwada
Product Specialist
703-522-6000 x1214

Daniel is a Zimbabwean with over 5 years experience in sales and marketing, armed with a great passion for customer service he seeks to make his contribution on the continued growth of Koons. He also an avid car enthusiast and always looking to make a difference in his community.

Steve Jaeger
Product Specialist
(703) 522-6000 x1252

Steve first started working in the automotive business in January 2013. He joined Koons in March 2014. Steve enjoys working at Koons because he enjoys the congenial atmosphere. He also enjoys the short commute. While away from work, Steve enjoys cooking (he is a former chef), writing for several blogs and attending Washington Nationals games.


Support Staff

Yojans Perez-Ramirez
Inventory Manager
703-522-6000 ext 1602

Yojans started working at Koons as a porter for our Dealer Exchange Department. He was promoted to Inventory Manager in August 2014. Yojans loves soccer. He also speaks Spanish fluently

Ty Yemane
Inventory Clerk
703-522-6000 ext 1602

When Ty first arrived in New York City back in the 1980s to join his wife and children, he had no clue what to do to make a living and support his family. Since he had a business background, he joined John Hancock Insurance Company located in Long Island. He found selling intangible products to be very
challenging but quickly found out that he could make a living out at it. In 1999, Ty moved from New York to Virginia. Here again, the question of what to do gave him some sleepless nights. A friend of his suggested that if he were so good at selling intangible
products, he might be super good at selling tangible products like cars.
So, in 2000, Ty started working for Koons, and it became his first experience in the automotive business. He is one of the few septuagenarians
working for Koons. He is grateful and enjoying every moment of it. Ty fluently speaks French and Amharic (Ethiopian language), and he speaks some Italian.

Manuel Larrain
Inventory Clerk
703-522-6000 x1602

Manny began working for Koons in May 2014.



Jessi Zellars
Accounting Payables
703-522-6000 ext 1604

Jessi Zellars joined Koons in August 2012. When not at work, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her family. Jessi likes working at Koons because all of the great people she gets to interact with.

Shawn Jewell
Accounting Receivables
703-522-6000 x1605

Shawn has been with Koons since July 2015

Katie Edwards
Warranty Administrator
703-522-6000 x1606

Katie joined Koons Arlington Toyota in August 2010 where she started as a service cashier. She was later moved to accounting to work as the tag and title clerk. Katie started working as the customer relations manager in November 2013. In February 2015, she began to work as warranty administrator. When Katie is not at work, she likes to spend her time hiking and baking.

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