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Bringing Style to Efficiency: The 2018 Toyota Prius c

Toyota knows that people have been looking for the most efficient vehicle that they can find, and they have decided to adapt one of their most popular hybrid models to bring more style and function. The 2018 Prius c is a hatchback version of the popular Toyota Prius, and Koons Arlington Toyota wants to make sure you have all of the access that you might need to decide if the Prius c is right for you.

With 87.4 cubic feet of passenger space, and 17.1 cubic feet of cargo volume, we are sure that you can comfortably fit everything that you will need. Thanks to the hatchback design, you have the best access to everything you might need to store in the back. Luckily for you, the advantages extend further than interior space and into efficiency.

You are choosing a hybrid because you want the most efficient vehicle that you can find, and this model does not disappoint. You will be able to enjoy up to 48 mpg in the city and 43 mpg on the highway, maximizing your range without having to stop so often for gas.

We encourage you to come to our dealership so that we can answer all of your questions, and help show you any model that you are interested in. We want you to be confident with your vehicle choice, which is why we will schedule you a test drive, giving you the true experience of what our vehicles can do.

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