A red light indicator light can mean a variety of things depending on what it's doing and how long it stays on for. Generally, it means that your car battery health is probably not normal or that your battery is having problems charging.

When does your red light turn on?

When your red light turns on can help you decide exactly what's going on with your vehicle. For instance, if you turn on your vehicle and your red indicator light turns on with the rest of your dashboard lights and then immediately turns off, then you can rest easy. This is just your vehicle flashing its lights to indicate that everything is working properly. This is normal when you first turn on your ignition.

If your red indicator light is staying turned on long after you turn on your ignition, then you likely have a larger problem. If your red indicator light is still on when your turn your ignition, then it means that your battery is either not being charged or when there's a problem with your battery. Battery problems could range from car battery health to car battery connector issues to poor alternator connection cables to and alternator belt or your car alternator.

What to do when your Battery indicator light is on

For starters, you'll want to lessen the load on your battery by not using parts of your car that drawn electricity (radio). Additionally, you'll want to keep your car running as your ignition might not be able to turn over again if you let your car turn off. You'll then want to schedule a service appointment if the problem persists - and our service team is more than ready to help! Schedule a

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