Wondering why your tires are so worn out? There's generally no single answer, with most cars experiencing a variety of causes that can lead to reduced tread thickness. From misaligned wheels to a faulty brake system to poor suspension, drivers can look to a host of suspects when it comes to poor tread wear. Less interested in knowing why your tread is wearing thin and more interested in getting your tires repaired? Feel free to reach out to our in-house service team to schedule a repair appointment.

Tire Rotation & Wheel Alignment

Inconsistent tire rotation is one of the classic ways that tires can wear out quickly. Vehicle weight distribution is quite uneven, leading to some tires wearing down at a faster rate than others. One way to combat this uneven wear is to ensure that all tires get their fair share of time at different wheel positions. Drivers can do this by consistently getting their tires rotated. Tire rotation is a simple fix to help make your tires last as long as possible.

If your tires are misaligned, then your tires may experience uneven wear, leading to some wheels wearing out faster than others. Misaligned wheels can lead to different stress levels for different tires, which can cause more than just your tires to wear down faster than normal.

Brake System

You brake system includes your rotors, calipers, and disc brakes. If any of the previous three brake parts are either worn out or functioning improperly, then your tires may wear out. One way to lessen the likelihood that this might happen to your vehicle is to get your brakes serviced and inspected.

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