The Toyota Supra GR - History of the Toyota Supra

The Toyota GR Supra is the latest model to come out of a long tradition of Supra vehicles. From the very first Celica Supra A40 to the most recent vehicle before the GR Supra (A80 Supra), the Supra has also carried a tradition of capability and style,

The very first Supra model wasn't even a standalone model. The very first Supra was a trim variation of the Celica model. The Celica Supra A40 was not a performance vehicle. While the Celica Supra A40 featured stylish, angular exterior style, it did not have power and performance at the forefront. It wasn't until the Celica Supra A60 that a performance focus was added. The Celica Supra A60 boasted a Supra "P-Type" trim that added in sporty exterior accents. The P-Type added flared fenders and flip-up headlights.

The Supra goes Solo

In 1986, the Supra A70 arrived and brought an freshly reimagined Supra. Splitting from the Celica model, the Supra established itself as its own vehicle. Chiefly among the features that the Supra espoused was performance and futuristic exterior styling. Where the A60 had sharp lines of design, the A70 featured gently rounded lines of design. Beyond this, the A70 featured a remarkably powerful engine for Washington, DC and Alexandria drivers to enjoy. Matching bold sporty looks with bold powerful equipment, the A70 set a new standard for Supra performance. In 1993 the A80 Supra arrived and brought even more elegance, power, and cutting-edge design. The all-new GR Supra is set to continue that tradition. Coming to Arlington and Falls Church drivers in three trim versions (Launch Edition, 3.0 Premium, and 3.0), the GR Supra is ready to impress.

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