It's expected that there are going to be some changes between model years, of course, and that's certainly no different for the 2018 Toyota Camry. However, instead of leaving it up to you to determine the changes in your new Camry, the Japanese automaker has taken it upon themselves to help us all out! In the video below, you'll learn about the changes that have been made to the 2018 Camry from the 2017 model year and, if you've been considering the Camry as your new on-road companion, this video is definitely worth your time.



Many of the changes to the 2018 Camry are small but, if you weren't aware of them, they could be a bit confusing the first time you sit in the driver's seat. Many functions like cruise control and Blind Spot Monitor are now activated with buttons on the steering wheel, some storage compartment covers now open and close more intuitively, and the electronic emergency brake is now activated with a toggle in the center console. Watch the video above for all the details.

For everything else, we welcome one and all to come out to our Arlington, VA dealership and see the 2018 Camry in person! If you like it or any other new Toyota model in our lineup, we'll take you out for a test drive and give you the hands-on experience you deserve. We hope you drop by in the near future!

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