Toyota LEED Certifications Now 29 Strong

On a sliding scale of pale to dark green, Toyota registers at a deep shade of Forest. Prospective buyers see this in the products they bring to market. The Prius hybrid being one obvious example.  Even the compact Yaris, while not a hybrid, has a pretty light footprint.

Owners experience Toyota's commitment to preserving the environment through their efficiency-enhancing technologies integrated across the new Toyota lineup.

Beyond just products and services, Toyota practices what…

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Toyota Makes Remarkable Rebound

Everybody likes to cheer for the underdog or even for a hero that's fallen and making its way back.  We at Koons Arlington Toyota serving Washington DC are no exception.  We happen to have a great story to tell that plays directly into this them. You might be surprised, but this story is about a big player in the automotive world; one that values reliable, practical, fuel-efficient….we're talking about none other than…

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