Toyota 100 Cars For Good Update

Everyone here at Koons Arlington Toyota is proud to be associated with our brand due to the many charitable programs the automaker assists across this country.  One of the larger projects our brand has undertaken is the 100 Cars for Good program, which is now in its third year helping nonprofit organizations across the country.

Thanks to the 100 Cars for Good program many charitable organizations across the country are being helped by receiving vehicles...

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Corolla's Going South to Latin America

The production of Toyota vehicles has steadily been expanding into the United States due to the erratic nature of the Japanese Yen over the past few years.  As a result, many of the vehicles we have here at Koons Arlington Toyota are being produced at plants like the one in Tupelo, Mississippi, which currently manufactures ten models.

The Tupelo facility produces vehicles not only for us here in Arlington, Virginia, but for dealerships across the...

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